€5 000 Cashback


The Promotion sponsor is Fair Deal Furniture (Malta) Limited, a private limited liability company registered in Malta, bearing company registration number C49949, and having its registered office situated at 165, Mdina Road, Zebbug, Malta (“Fairdeal”). These Terms and Conditions (“TCs”) govern the customer’s relationship with Fairdeal in the context of the Promotion. In formulating these TCs, every effort has been made by Fairdeal to ensure the fairness of the Promotion.


The Promotion consists of a prize draw that will be open to anyone purchasing a kitchen from Fairdeal between 1 November 2018 and 30 November 2019 (the “Promotion Period”). Only customers that have ordered kitchens from Fairdeal by placing at least a full 30% deposit thereon will be eligible for participation in the Promotion. In addition, and without prejudice to any other provisions in these TCs, the customer must have paid the full price of the kitchen unto Fairdeal in order to be awarded the Prize.

The mechanics of the prize draw are described further below.

A customer wishing to participate in the Promotion must be over 18, and will not be eligible for participation if, during the Promotion Period, he lives with, or his immediate family member (spouse, parent, child or sibling) is, an employee of Fairdeal.


The Prize constitutes a full or partial refund, paid to the winner by way of cheque, of the value of the kitchen purchased by the same winner during the Promotion Period. This means that if the kitchen purchased during the Promotion Period cost less than €5,000, the full refund of the cost of the kitchen will be awarded to the winner. If the kitchen cost more than €5,000, the maximum refund of €5,000 will be awarded to the winner.

Furthermore, the value of the kitchen will be deemed to be the actual amount spent by the winner, such that, if the winner had purchased a kitchen that was on sale or in any manner discounted during the Promotion Period, the refund will not be given for the original price of the kitchen, but for the discounted price actually paid. The value of the kitchen will not be deemed to include appliances, kitchen countertops and, or any other accessories. The Prize is not transferable. Any taxes or costs associated with the acceptance of the Prize are the responsibility of the winner. Any person who is deemed by Fairdeal to have breached these T&Cs will not be eligible to claim the Prize.

How does the Promotion work?

Step 1 – Purchasing the kitchen

When a person purchases a kitchen from Fairdeal during the Promotion Period they will be asked whether they would like to take part in the Promotion and will be presented with one ticket for this purpose.

Step 2 – Filling in the ticket

The ticket will contain a question that will need to be answered by the customer on the basis of that customer’s knowledge. Once duly filled in, the ticket will need to be deposited in the draw box located at the Fairdeal showroom in Zebbug. For the ticket to be considered as valid, the ticket must be filled in by the customer completely and legibly as well as duly stamped by Fairdeal Management.
Care must be taken by the customer to fill in the ticket correctly. Fairdeal cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information provided by the customer.

Step 3 – Prize Draw

A prize draw will take place during December 2019 inside Fairdeal’s showroom.
A specific date will be announced towards the end of the Promotion Period.

Fairdeal Furniture Promotion – T&Cs

The holder of the first valid ticket drawn containing the correct answer to the first question posed will be contacted by Fairdeal and asked to go to Fairdeal’s showroom within three (3) working days, where a second knowledge-based question will be put to him by Fairdeal. The holder of the ticket must answer the second question correctly to claim the Prize (as described above). Fairdeal Management may request that identity documentation be presented, at this stage, for verification purposes.

It must be noted that if for any reason whatsoever:

(i) Fairdeal does not manage to contact the holder of the drawn ticket within five (5) working days from the prize draw Provided that Fairdeal will only attempt to contact the customer via the mobile number / email address the customer would have provided on the ticket;
(ii) The holder of the drawn ticket fails to go to Fairdeal’s showroom within the relevant timeframe;
(iii) The holder of the drawn ticket fails to present identity documentation to Fairdeal, as may be required, when claiming the Prize; AND, OR
(iv) The holder of the drawn ticket would have cancelled the kitchen order at any moment in time or failed to pay unto Fairdeal the full value of the kitchen,

he shall automatically forfeit his claim to the ticket in favour of the second ticket drawn.

This process shall be repeated until a winner is established.

Data Protection

Fairdeal will process its customers’ information in the manner required under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. By providing their contact details upon entering the prize draw, customers understand and accept that Fairdeal may contact them in order to satisfy its obligations under these T&Cs.

Fairdeal will not use a ticket holder’s details for marketing purposes unless that ticket holder has provided his express consent therefor by ticking the relevant box in the ticket. In doing so, the customer is consenting to the use of his personal data by Fairdeal for marketing purposes, including:
– The publication, in any public media, of that customer’s name and surname;
– The publication, in any public media, of any photographs or videos that may be taken of that customer should he win the Prize.

Customers may withdraw their consent for this purpose at any time by getting in touch with Fairdeal.

Save for as provided above, Fairdeal hereby affirms that the personal data of customers participating in this Promotion will only be used for the purposes of satisfying its obligations in terms of these T&Cs.

Changes to these T&Cs

Fairdeal reserves the right to amend these T&Cs at any time and as it may deem fit in light of any changes made to current rules and regulations. Customers are requested to check these T&Cs every so often in order to stay updated.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These TCs are governed by Maltese law. Any disputes arising therefrom or connected therewith shall be heard before the competent Maltese courts.


Fairdeal Furniture Promotion – T&Cs


LAST UPDATED: 1 November 2018